De Lindehof

Beekstraat 1
5671 CS Nuenen
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+31 40 283 73 36
The moment you set foot inside De Lindehof, you will experience Chef Soenil Bahadoer's and his team's warm hospitality. The restaurant's light interior is offset with earthy shades. A striking ceiling light and colourful paintings on the wall set the sence for a comfortable and exquisite food experience. An inconspicuous glass wall seprates the restaurant from the kitchen, giving guests a view of the team at work. Soenil's dishes are characterised by their harmonious combination of flavour, smell, colour and shape. With taste being the most important 'ingredient'. Every flavour has its own power and intensity. Bit by bit, Soenil works towards a true explosion of flavours. Every bite should be a sensory experience and nourishment for the soul.